Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where's that silver lining for Giants fans?

Man, there wasn't much good to report out of Chavez Latrine -- Zito got hammered for six runs in a disgusting 7-2 loss and Tim Lincecum was sent home sick with symptoms of bronchitis, which might explain his two subpar performances this season. However, according to Andrew Baggarly of the Merc-News, he'll still make his scheduled start on Saturday.

As to tonight's game, the good was largely limited to this: Emmanuel Burris finally hit the ball decently with three hits (giving him five for 26 for the season) and Pablo Sandoval got two hits. Here's how rotten it is now for a longtime Giants fan like me -- I was actually a bit glad for a second or two to hear that Dodger pinch hitter Doug Minkiewitz (it's pronouncedMin-Kay-Vitch and I'm guessing on the spelling) separated his shoulder with the bonehead decision to slide headfirst into second. Now, I feel very guilty, of course. A few players like Vizquel can get away with the headfirst slide, but for most, it's a stupid and reckless thing to do.

I do feel like a big jerk for having taken even the smallest momentary pleasure in a Dodger getting injured. That's just not right and I admit it freely. There's no justification for feeling that way. And I wish guys would stop doing headfirst slides. A separated shoulder's no joke.'s Ken Gurnick, who's been around a long time, notes in his writeup that the headfirst slide was "unnecessary."


Anonymous Jared said...

Didn't think you would approve my comment. At least you re-worked your entry. Peace.

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