Monday, April 06, 2009

Empty seats at Mays Field

The recession is here to stay.

John Shea of the SF Chron notes the smallish crowds in San Francisco and -- especially -- in Oakland and predicts that Mays Field attendance for the Orange and Black will continue going down, after dropping to 2.9 million last year. Shea notes that there's never been an announced attendance at a Giants home game under 30,000 since they moved out of the Stick a decade ago but predicts that day may come soon.


Anonymous Jared said...

Yeah sure, blame it on the "recession" that nobody wants to see the crappy product Sabean puts on the field. Passes on Dunn, Burrell, and Abreu, because instead he wants an old washed up SS who's best days are behind him.

Bringing back Barroid would help the attendance some, until then its every fifth day little Timmy pitches.

2:23 AM  

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