Friday, February 27, 2009

"That's a stupid move"

Believe it or not, this post isn't about Brian Sabean. Instead, the quote is from a law professor in reaction to federal prosecutors' deciding to appeal the judge's exclusion of evidence in the Barry Bonds trial. Here's the full quote, courtesy of -- "That's a stupid move that they're appealing," said Peter Keane, a professor at Golden Gate law school who has been following the case closely. "There is absolutely no chance that an appellate court prior to trial is going to overrule a trial court's evidentiary rulings."

Who knows if he's right? also has a separate column on the same page from a lawyer named Lester Munson, who says it's a smart move since the prosecution couldn't have done this once the trial started. He also noted that it means the Obama Administration is OK with wasting even more money on this.

Also, Bonds' trainer Greg Anderson told the judge that he won't testify, meaning that he's willing to go back to jail. What a waste of the taxpayer dime this has become.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Munson's an idiot.

Can't even get his facts straight: "The prosecutors in San Francisco could not have filed this appeal without the approval of Eric Holder, the new attorney general, and Elena Kagan, the new solicitor general"

Someone in the solicitor general's office approved, but it wasn't Kagan. Kagan doesn't go up for vote until next week. Drawing any conclusions about the Obama administration is premature. Holder has been in for a couple a weeks and his primary assistant goes up for vote at the same time Kagan does. It will take a couple of months before they will have to opportunity to tell this screwed up federal office to prioritize and quit wasting resources on this case.

and this is as serious a crime as running through a red light at 2 am because it won't change.

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