Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why Manny won't be in the Orange and Black

A Sonoma State student named DP who has a well-titled blog -- "I'm Right, Everyone Else Is Wrong" -- reviews in an entertaining fashion why the Giants probably won't sign Manny (they're not as stupid as they were 2 years ago). DP had just read Jayson Stark's report that the Giants probably don't have the money for this deal.

Here's the key part --Manny to the Giants was never serious. I'm not sure what it is with this hot stove season. I guess it was just that there was a dearth of teams with available money this offseason, so each and every big free agent has been connected to each one at one time or another. The other factor at play here is that Scott Boras represents a good number of these available players. He notoriously leaks falsehoods to random newspapers (probably for cash) in hopes of creating inaccurate fantasy markets for his clients. He most famously did this in 2006 when he bluffed the Giants into outbidding the New York Mets (and themselves) for Barry Zito to the tune of $30-40 million. Fortunately for us in the real world, people have wised up to Boras's BS and the Manny Ramirez market is extremely slow.Like Boras, Manny is a guy we love to hate. He's an incredible talent, a surefire hall of famer, a malcontent, a ticket seller, and a conundrum. He won two World Series titles, had a (Red Sox) Nation of adoring fans, made $20 million a year, and still found it in him to be a divisive jerk. The guy quit on his teammates and his fans. And like his impeccable timing in left field, he picked a horrible time to take his dive.

DP then concludes that there are really only 4 teams left that would take on Manny -- the Dodgers, the Rangers, the Yanks and the Nats. I would bet on the Dodgers. I'm also laughing about DP's description of himself -- I'm a student at Sonoma State and would rather not do anything. I'm a big time sleaze.


Blogger DP said...

Ha! Love the plug man. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

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