Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Estes in Dodger Blue


Blogger Kevin McGonagle said...

Even though I live in Southern California (and as a lifelong Giants fan that is tough at times), I was passing through San Francisco in 1997 and was able to stop and catch a game.
I saw Sean Estes (and Rod Beck) pitch a one-hitter against the Rockies on July 4. This was back when the Rockies carried BIG sticks.
I have witnessed a lot of baseball with many memorable pitching performances. But I have never been more impressed than I was that day. Estes' curveball was magnificent. I don't think the Rockie hit a ball hard all day - not even a foul ball.
He had his ups and downs no doubt, but this was the best of times for Sean Estes.
Kevin McGonagle

5:06 AM  
Anonymous big d said...

Great comment, Kevin. Unfortunately, my big memory of Estes was that fateful nite at the end of the 2001 season when he got bombed early in the 10-9 loss to the Dodgers

1:57 PM  

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