Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Salomon (as in stench) Torres retires

Anyone who followed the Giants in 1993 reserves some serious bitterness for Salomon Torres. With the season on the line, Torres completely disintegrated in Dodger Stadium the last day of the season, leaving the Giants with 103 wins -- one behind the Braves -- while the Rox rolled over and played dead for the Braves with a lineup full of garbage players like Danny Scheaffer, David Neid, Roberto Mejia, Chris Jones, Nelson Liriano and Jerald Clark.

The Milwaukee paper says that Torres has announced that he's retiring. Good riddance.

Torres is a painful reminder of 1993; he was the only member of that team still active in 2008. It turns out that the Giants had been trying to trade for Dennis Martinez in August 1993 but were prevented from doing so because he could not get through waivers as the Braves had put in a waiver claim. So they were stuck with Salomon in the rotation.

I've always despised the Padres for several reasons: Ted Leitner, retiring Steve Garvey's number and gifting the Braves the NL West in mid-July of 1993 by trading Fred McGriff for three non-prospects -- Melvin Nieves, Donnie Elliott, and Vince Moore

And the Padres weren't done screwing over the Giants that year. I offer this game on Sept. 24, 1993, when Trevor Hoffman beaned Robbie Thompson so badly that he was out of the lineup for the rest of the year until that last game in Los Angeles. Thompson was never the same player after that beaning. There's a nice sponsor note on his Baseball Reference page -- Robby Thompson was my favorite Giant as a kid. I liked to call him Tobby Romson.

One odd note about that last game of 1993 -- it was the final time in the Orange and Black as active players for both Will the Thrill and Dave Righetti. Rags also got bombed that day.


Anonymous KM said...

I don't want to be overly dissenting, but I don't blame for Torres for 1993 and I commend him for eventually harnessing his talent to become a productive major leaguer. That said, I don't think it's true that Torres was in there because the Giants couldn't get Dennis Martinez. Torres didn't make his debut until August 29, 1993, and he made 8 starts down the stretch and pitched OK as a regular member of the rotation.

Let's not forget (we may want to, but Baseball Reference won't let us) some of the illustrious names the Giants called on to start games while clinging to the West in Aug/Sept of 93: Scott Sanderson (8), Brian Hickerson (7), Jim Deshaies (4), and Greg Brummett (2). These are the pitchers who got starts because of the failure to acquire Martinez.

(OK, now that the bitter memories are coming back, Dusty should've started Sanderson over Torres in that last game.)

11:05 AM  
Blogger Big D said...

A terrific comment. I'd just add that some games are more important than others. Oct. 3, 1993 was one of those games.

11:15 AM  

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