Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brian Sabean's Successor

That's the very catchy name of a brand new Giants blog operated by a guy who, appropriately enough, calls himself Caincecum.

His real name is Henry and he describes himself as a huge 18-year-old Giants fan. Here's part of his take on the Affeldt signing -- I also must admit this signing whomps my "wishlist" signee Joe Beimel whom I like but I put up there because if they Giants had signed him it would have made me look very intelligent. I must say followers, fans and close friends our garlic fry money was put to good use.

He's also already proposed this intriguing trade -- Randy Winn and Kevin Frandsen to the Mets for David Murphy, noting the following about Murphy: Murphy is 23 and put up an impressive line of .317/.397./473 albeit in 131 ab. But would be able to be an above average 2b. With good range and a stong arm for 2b (currently plays lf played 2b and 3b in past)


Anonymous Dan said...

Sorry guys, my Mets are already screwed in the bullpen, creating another problem is something Minaya would avoid like the plague.

1:23 AM  

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