Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Adios, Omar

Omar has filed for free agency. During his 4 seasons in the Orange and Black, it was pure pleasure to watch him field and mostly painful to watch him bat. So since we're trying to focus on the positive today, let's note that he made only 2 errors in 2008 and took part in 43 DPs.

It sounds as if Omar very much wants to keep playing. My guess is that if he gets signed, it will be by a contending team that has plenty of offense or has their SS go down during spring training.

Here's my fave Omar game -- a rainy Sunday in May 2005. Game got delayed an hour so perhaps there were 15,000 people in the park; Omar knocked in the first two runs in the 3rd and 5th, scored the tie run in the 8th and hit the game-winning walk off single over the head of the Nats rightfielder Jose Guillen in the 13th for the 4-3 vic. Those few of us who were still there were elated. And the sun came out as we walked out. What a day!

It left the Giants 15-15; they beat the Pirates the next day, 2-1, and were still one game over .500 two weeks later when Jason Schmidt beat the Dodgers, 5-3. It was the last time that season that they were over .500. They finished the season at 75-87 -- the start of the current four-year streak of losing records. Brian Sabean must go.


Anonymous KM said...

I remember that game (wasn't there but was listening to it while out running in the spring rain). On one of his hits, Omar slid into first for an infield single (and might have been out). The usual announcer rebukes followed (e.g., sliding into first risks injury and slows you down). But after the game, Omar explained that sliding into first confuses the ump and you stand a good chance of being called safe. It was then that I understood that Omar is a baseball genius.

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