Sunday, October 26, 2008

Six years later for Feliz and Eyre

Bern Marsh shot this in March

It looks like Pedro Feliz and Scott Eyre are about to get the World Series rings as Phillies that they should have gotten as members of the 2002 Giants. Thanks to Dusty Baker's egregious mis-management of pitchers (an over-reliance on Felix Rodriguez and Livan Hernandez, in particular), the Giants were denied. It was six years ago tonight that Dusty gave away the Series to the Angels by bringing in Felix to relieve Russ Ortiz, then sealed the deal the next night by starting Livan instead of Kirk Reuter.

What follows is the single saddest half inning that I ever saw (yes, I was there) in my 51 years as a Giants fan -- the bottom half of the 8th of Games 6. It marked the end of Series hopes and the end of Robb Nen's career, too.

Bottom of the 8th, Angels Batting, Behind 3-5, Tim Worrell facing 2-3-4
D Erstad Home Run
T Salmon Single to CF
Chone Figgins pinch runs for Tim Salmon batting 3rd
G Anderson Single to LF; Figgins to 3B; Anderson to 2B/Adv on E7
Robb Nen replaces Tim Worrell pitching
T Glaus Double to CF; Figgins Scores; Anderson Scores/unER
B Fullmer Strikeout Swinging
S Spiezio Intentional Walk
J Molina Bunt Groundout: P-1B/Sacrifice; Glaus to 3B; Spiezio to 2B
A Kennedy Strikeout Swinging

Well, enough of re-visiting the nightmare, other than to say Thanks a lot, Dusty! One interesting point about Eyre, who's now in his 12th year -- he's been in 458 regular season games and his MLB batting record is 2-for-13. Besides Feliz and Eyre, the only guys still active from the 2002 Giants World Series roster are Ramon Martinez (the ultimate benchwarmer), Rich Aurilia, Livan, Jeff Kent and Jason Schmidt. I'm dubious that Schmidt is ever going to pitch again in the MLB and it would not be a surprise if Richie and Jeff have played their last MLB games. (Livan will probably catch on somewhere next season). And I have to admit that you can't really say Bonds is active any more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about Yorvit Torrealba? Still active. He didn't get into a game in the 2002 WS but he was on the roster all season. Also, Aaron Fultz recently signed to play in Japan so we may not have seen the last of him as an MLB player.

9:24 AM  
Blogger Big D said...

A great point about Yorvit and Fultz. Yorvit didn't actually get into any of the Series games so I just assumed that he wasn't on the roster. But I counted and the Giants only used 24 players in the Series -- so evidently, Yorvit was that 25th player.

5:28 PM  

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