Monday, October 20, 2008

Fox -- home of bad baseball announcers

Nice shot by AaronCaldwell of the Ernie Harwell statue at Comerica Park

Here's hoping for a good World Series but expectations are pretty damn low for Fox's coverage with the incompetent Joe Buck and the boring Tim McCarver. Why in the world can't we hear the legendary Ernie Harwell -- who still sounds great on the air when he makes a guest appearance -- or Phils announcer Harry Kalas or Jon Miller or Bob Uecker or Denny Matthews or Lon Simmons or even Vin Scully? Hell, I'd even settle for Jerry Coleman.

Stephen Kaus at Huffington Post has this recap -- Joe Buck announces baseball as if it were a funeral. It is like trying to watch a game from the old Seattle Kingdome. You become depressed no matter what is happening. Combine this with Tim McCarver's incessant proctologic prattlings and you have a recipe for watching The Daily Show instead. Or just constantly refreshing the polls on Buck does not even like baseball, and it shows. His dad was one of the best. He is the absolute worst.
One of the comments notes that Buck was afraid to try the garlic fries in San Francisco.

Paulie at Give Em Some Stankeye weighs in -- FOX has maybe the worst collection of on-air personalities I’ve ever seen, in any sport. Luckily we were spared Thom Brennaman this postseason (thank you TBS for picking up the ALCS), but there was still plenty of mediocrity to spread around. Much ink has been spilled about how bad the Buck/McCarver tandem is but I personally can’t stand Kevin Kennedy on the pre-game shows. My goodness, his “analysis” consists of nothing but old-fashioned, tired baseball cliches that aren’t relevant anymore and all of his predictions turn out to be all kinds of wrong. I did love when Kennedy asserted after Game 3 of the NLCS that the beanball wars would fire up the Dodgers, then they went on to lose the next two games and the series.


Blogger Monty said...

You can always do what I do -- mute the TV and turn up ESPN radio. Sometimes the sync is off, but Jon Miller makes it worth it.

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