Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Dodgers aren't as good as the Phillies

Ross Newhan, who was a far better baseball reporter for the LA Times than the crew that's in there now, points out the obvious -- the Dodgers are down 3-1 in the NLCS because they're nowhere near as good as the Phils.

Perhaps another factor is at work -- the Sports Illustated cover jinx aka the SIKOD (SI Kiss of Death). Manny was on the cover of the Oct. 13 issue, which contained a laudatory Tom Verducci story about him, mostly breathless accounts of how well he's been playing. However, there was one line deep in the story guaranteed to disgust all Bosox fans: "Scouts have clocked him at 4.4 seconds running to first base, a speed not seen from him for years."

This is why SI drives me crazy. A statement like that begs for a followup such as why in the hell wasn't he running at top speed in Boston while pulling down $20 million a year? Suddenly, all the stories about Manny dogging his way out of Boston via a lack of interest and a lack of hustle have a lot more credibility. But SI decided years ago that Barry Bonds was their Designated Evildoer, while Manny is just a wacky guy -- a big overgrown kid -- and isn't it just great that he plays for the Dodgers? Since he's a backstabbing slimy weasel who crybabied his way out of Boston, I'd say he and the Dodgers deserve each other.

By the way, a Dodger fan tried to submit a comment to this blog about how great the Dodgers are because they've won a World Series more recently than the Giants. For any of you demented Dodger fans reading this, don't waste your time submitting your nonsense comments. I'm not interested in publishing your idiotic rants. If you don't like it, then leave.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure your Dodger intruder would extend the same standard of superiority to all the franchises (12, soon to be 13) that have won WS titles more recently than L.A. Ahh, the logic is probably not that consistent. I hate that type-- like, if you make a nonpartisan baseball-fan comment about the disastrous Jason Schmidt and Andruw Jones contracts, the response is, "Oh yeah? What about Zito?" At least they're not all that bad -- firenedcollettinow.com is run by a Dodger fan.

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