Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ted Leitner = stupid dingbat

Well, that was a painful loss tonight, what with Matt Cain getting hammered. It probably won't penetrate the thick skull of Brian Sabean and the rest of the Giants "brain trust," but perhaps he ought to be shut down for the rest of the season because of the number of innings he's pitched. Even after tonight's brief outing (he was lifted in the 4th), he's still tied for 8th in the MLB for most innings at just a shade under 200.

What was a bit depressing was listening on XM to the one of the worst announcers ever, Ted Leitner of the Padres. Leitner is like an annoying party guest (or my idiot brother in law) who think he's sooooo much smarter than everyone else that he just can't stop talking nonsense. In the midst of the Padres' disgusting 5-run first inning, he declared "The Padres are just as good as the Giants, but they've had bad luck with the health of their starting pitching" or some such nonsense.

Memo to Ted -- You're making feeble excuses for an incompetent organization and you're helping make the fans even stupider. The Padres aren't as good as the Giants because they've won 8 fewer games even after winning tonight. They are just plain lousy due partly to lousy decisions by their front office. By the way, has God ever gotten back to you about why He let the Evil Barry Bonds hit HR No. 755 in San Diego despite your praying that Bonds wouldn't do so? Eat it, Ted. Eat it raw.


Blogger The "We Hate The Patriots" San Diego Sports Collective said...

Ted leitner, amazingly, will grow on you...takes 15 years though.

2:06 PM  

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