Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hampton gets healthy at the expense of the Giants

The Giants made Mike Hampton -- who hadn't won in 3 years -- look like the second coming of Juan Marichal tonight. Can we please fire Brian Sabean, Bruce Bochy AND Carney Lansford? What kind of garbage plate approach was that -- with first-pitch hacks by virtually every guy in the lineup? Can't anyone on this team get a walk? This team has the LOWEST walk total in MLB at 316. The only walks came from the pinch-hitters, Bowker and Vizquel.

Stat of the game -- Fred Lewis' HR was the first in 12 games by a Giant and the 62nd all season. Yes, that is by far the lowest total in the bigs. The Jays are second lowest at 78.

As long as I'm whining, can we please also stop the INSANE baserunning? The Giants now have 89 SBs and 34 Caught Stealings -- a pathetic success rate of 65% and way below the acceptable level of 75% success, which means that the team would score more runs if they did not steal any bases at all. Take the Phils by comparison with 89 SBs and only 16 CS. So the bad baserunning strategy is actually making what's already a lousy team even worse. I bring this up partly because Ivan Ochoa managed to get on in the bottom of the 1st with a single and then got picked off by Hampton, blowing the spine out of any chance at any early lead. (That doesn't count as a caught stealing, but it does reflect how stupid the approach is)

I believe that this INSANE approach is actually demoralizing to the hitters on the team because it reinforces the notion that they can't hit.


Blogger M.C. O'Connor said...

You're right. "Aggressive" baserunning is a desperate substitute for a punchless offense. I was excited when we got Lansford, I thought he'd help with patience and pitch recognition. Fred Lewis is the only one who seems to take a cerebral approach. The rest, vets and rooks, just flail away.

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