Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ann Killion decides to waste everyone's time

The Bonds-hating columnist for the San Jose Merc posts a news-free column about his court appearance and "wonders" if anyone will employ him. She offers no insight if that might happen, just repeats the usual stupid mantra of "BONDS -- WORST. TEAMMATE. EVER."

Gee, imagine that -- a baseball columnist who hates Barry Bonds, who asserts stupidly that everyone's happy that Barry's gone when a look at the Giants' attendance figures and a visit to AT&T Park with its vast expanses of empty seats shows definitively that there are plenty of people who aren't happy about Bonds being gone. Thanks for wasting our time, Ann. I guess actual Giants fans don't count in Ann Killion's world. And if you want some actual insight into why some team might take a chance on Bonds anyhow, I'd suggest you look at John Perricone's post on Only Baseball Matters, in which he compares Chipper Jones 2008 season with Barry Bonds 2002 season. You might actually learn something.


Blogger allfrank said...

I tend to agree with your comments about Killian. But maybe we are the ones who are wrong, maybe she should get credit for getting paid extremely well for trotting out the very same, exact story whenever there is the slightest excuse to broach the subject at all. I mean, if you could still be getting paid for some project you did 4 years ago, wouldn't you? More of the blame goes to the Sports editor who accepts this complete intellectual dishonesty.

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