Saturday, May 17, 2008

Zito loses again and doesn't suck again

Ever since Brian Sabean proclaimed the Giants were going to contend, they've lost every game. Way to fire up the team, Brainy Brian -- I'm sure William Neukom's noted that this team is not looking once again like it may make it to 100 losses despite Barry Zito's recent flirtation with adequacy. Projected record -- 64-98

Ron Kroichik knocked out a pretty snappy write up of the game for the SF Chronicle of what sounds like a pretty bad game. Here are some of his better takes --

-- Barry Zito staggered into dubious territory Saturday night. He labored through five innings, absorbed another loss and became the first Giants starter to drop his first eight decisions in a season since Jesse Burkett in 1890, a mere 118 years ago.

-- Giants hitters were strikingly anemic with runners in scoring position - 1-for-7 on the heels of an 0-for-12 showing Friday night. The Giants have scored only one run in their last 23 innings, and their season total of 151 runs ranks next-to-last in the majors, ahead of only San Diego (148).

--Buehrle did not overpower the Giants, but he threw strikes more reliably than Zito did. The Giants put the ball in play against Buehrle - he collected only one strikeout in his 6 2/3 innings - but he often had hitters off-balance, tapping soft, harmless grounders.

-- Zito's outing probably looked painfully familiar to Giants fans, except he somehow departed with his team trailing only 2-0. That counted as astonishing, given how the White Sox clogged the bases with runners - 14 in all during Zito's five innings (eight hits and six walks). Many of the hits were soft and well-placed, but Zito again served as his own worst enemy, repeatedly losing contact with the strike zone.

-- Eugenio Velez, pinch hitting for Zito in the fifth, achieved something no Giants hitter had in the team's 18 previous innings: He knocked home a run. It was an innocuous RBI groundout, scoring Jose Castillo, but it represented San Francisco's first run since the fourth inning of Thursday's loss to Houston.


Anonymous Aneel said...

zito faced 29 batters... 14 reached base. I'd call that pretty serious suckage.

7:46 AM  

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