Sunday, May 04, 2008

Start stuffing those All Star ballots

All Star game ballots available online.

I am tempted to write in this guy.

I love how the Reds fans stuffed the ballot box in 1957, which led to the vote being taken away from the fans for the next decade. Here was the starting lineup, with Mays and Aaron named by the commissioner instead of Gus Bell and Wally Post. Stan Musial was the only non-Red voted into the lineup.

1 Johnny Temple Reds 2B
2 Hank Aaron Braves RF
3 Stan Musial Cardinals 1B
4 Willie Mays Giants CF
5 Ed Bailey Reds C
6 Frank Robinson Reds LF
7 Don Hoak Reds 3B
8 Roy McMillan Reds SS
9 Curt Simmons Phillies P

The Cincinnati Enquirer had printed up pre-marked ballots and distributed them with the Sunday newspaper to make it easy for Reds fans to vote often. There were even stories of bars in Cincinnati not serving alcohol to customers until they filled out a ballot.


Blogger allfrank said...

The Giants web site promo of the AS game balloting is just laughable. They have pictured (eligible to be voted for) D Roberts (DL), Omar (DL, yet to play a game, and a bevy of parttime players - Aurilia, Durham. In otherwords, half of the Giantas who appear to be eligible and on the ballot may not even be on any MLB roster by the ASB.

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