Monday, May 12, 2008

A better blog than this one

That would be Orange Black and Blue, which calls itself "the purgatory of lost Giants fans." I particularly love the inclusion of the Enron logo and Felipe Alou in the banner. To me, it's a reminder that things used to be a LOT better for Giants fans. I didn't even know this site existed until Lefty Malo -- also a far better blog than this one -- mentioned it in his post.

Why am I going on about this? Because, driving home from a difficult day at work, I was thoroughly enjoying the first half of the Giants game. Barry Zito got through 5 scoreless innings; Bowker homered for the first time since April 20; and Omar and Fred Lewis doubled home runs. I was thinking "This is how it used to be for all those years; if the Giants played at home, we fans knew they had a pretty good shot of winning."

By the time I got home, said howdy to my lovely wife, took the doggie for a walk and checked back on the game, the Astros had pretty much brought reality back to Giants fans. Rather than pull Zito in the 6th, Bochy kept him out there long enough to get hammered as usual; then the bullpen stunk up the joint and the offense took the rest of the night off. Sorry, but what the hell is Bochy doing letting an obviously fading Zito pitch to Lance Berkman in the 6th with a guy on and the score 3-1?
But back to Orange Black and Blue -- very sharply written, very entertaining by a guy named Hasan. He's already nicknamed Jonathan Sanchez "Dirty." The above photo of Steve Holm and Barry Bonds was part of his Mother's Day post. I called my post "Big Day for Steve Holm"; Hasan called his "Clutch Holmer." As I said, a much better blog than this. Anyhow, here's part of what he posted --
Awesome story for the local boy. The former backup to Justin Knoedler in Single-A San Jose has looked the part in the majors coming off an improbable upset in an open battle for the backup job in spring training. On the other hand, Jose Castillo celebrated the return of Pedro Feliz by doing his best impression, hitting into 3 double plays (two on the first pitch and two with the bases loaded) before lining a triple in a completely no-pressure situation leading off the eighth. (Unsurprisingly, he was subsequently stranded by Vizquel, Aurilia and Lewis). His struggles epitomize the Giants biggest downfall so far this season: not cashing in on baserunners. Team batting with RISP? .237.Dirty continues to struggle as he allows three in a very wild 4.1 IPs. Also troubling: Sanchez's inability to control his emotions - a good example being his failure to cover first on a helluva diving play by John Bowker.


Blogger Hasan said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, Big D. Great to be part of the legion of Giants blogs.

And you're too flattering - Giants Win rocks.

3:33 PM  

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