Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beach balls and SoCal fans

The following is a guest post from Dan --

Dear Fellow fans:

Every time I go to a ballgame, whether it is at the Latrine or in Anaheim, I am constantly aggravated by a pestilence that afflicts a certain segment of the stands: The urge to bat a beach ball around. Not only is this a most annoying and intrusive habit, it takes away from the game on the field. The implication is that you, the fan who has plunked down your hard-earned dough to attend a ballgame, could not care less about what is happening between the lines. If you want to play footsie with some piece of crap you bought at the 99-cent store, then do it when you're at the beach. Me, I can't stand it when the flow of the game is upset by one of your multi-colored miscreants landing in the field of play.

SoCal fans (especially Dodger fans), you already have the reputation of being the least-knowledgeable in the game. Do yourself a favor and leave the eff-in' beach balls at home. You might actually learn something about the game by actually WATCHING the game.


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