Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An automatic win for the Enchanter

I heard it in the voices of the Dbacks announcers tonight on XM as they were making excuses why the Snakes were outplayed tonight. They whined about how the Dbacks had to come home from three times zones away to play tonight -- not noting that the Giants had to make the exact same trip and play another away game, to boot. Finally, one of them admitted, "You've got to give some credit to Lincecum. He threw hard all night."

I wasn't especially surprised. AP says he hit 98 mph tonight. Tim's the one guy that I expect to win when he starts. With a 7-1 record, he's the obvious guy to go the All-Star game this year.

The Dodgers gagged again to the Cubs, so I was feeling good. But just when I thought that I'd have nothing to complain about, I get to read MLB.com's story by Chris Haft that reports Nate Schierholtz hit for the cycle Sunday but there really isn't room on the roster -- even though the Giants are one of the worst teams in the majors when it comes to scoring runs. Another reminder of how badly operated the Giants front office is.


Blogger M.C. O'Connor said...

No reason not to trade Winn. We have Rowand, who is Winn with pop. Lewis has shown that a marginal 'replacement' player can give you useful production in an important spot. In fact, I expect Lewis to improve. Schierholz may never be a star, but I'll bet he can give us Winn-like numbers in a year or two, and there's the chance he can do better than that. And he'll cost nothing. Anyone dangles a few youngsters our way for Winn, we should bite. Hell, we got Denker for Sweeney, we should get more for an everyday player.

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