Tuesday, April 01, 2008

That's what veteran poise gets you

Second-baseman Ray Durham and first-baseman Rich Aurilia just combined to let the winning run at Chavez Latrine score from second base with two outs in the 9th...on an infield hit. Durham knocked the ball down, threw to Richie too late to get the runner at first; then Richie couldn't get the ball home in time to keep Furcal scoring from second. If the team had a real second-baseman and a real first-baseman, the teams might still be playing.

The Giants actually had a real chance tonight to go .500 for perhaps the only time this year but found a new and creative way to lose instead. Matt Cain pitched wonderfully as usual and the team finally scored a deuce in the 7th, only to see Brad Hennessey give it right back.

I can't think of anything more symbolic of the pathetic Giants offense than the fact that Brian Bocock drove in the first run of the year with a walk. Aurilia also grounded into two DPs.


Blogger allfrank said...

You are completely correct in that two veterans both played like dog shit on the key play, thereby allowing the winning run. Durham's mistake was an age induced physical misplay, but Aurilia, in my opinion, and for the second night in a row, was asleep - totally inexcusable for a former SS. Just as he did in game 1, last night he failed to anticipate a play at the plate. Had he been anticipating and immediately turned and thrown in one motion, Furcal is dead. Instead (as i recall and I did not get to see a replay) he has a small hesitation neverthteless a hesitation, turns, looks, then hurriedly throws. If I am accurate in my view of the play, this is softball league stuff.
The good news is, assumably, if this continues and Richie continues to lead the league in GIDP, we'll be seeing more and more of Ort and Velez.

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