Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thanks for crushing this year's hopes, Brian Sabean

I admit that some may call this whining. But I continue to harp on this -- that it's truly amazing how badly Brian Sabean has performed while still keeping his job. Today's crushing 8-7 defeat, as the bullpen went up in flames, can be laid squarely at his feet. What other MLB team would be batting guys like Jose Castillo and Ray Durham in the power slots? What other bullpen would be running nonentities like Tyler Walker and Brad Hennessey out there with the game on the line? What MLB front office would keep a manager like Bruce Bochy, whose idea for pumping up a terrible offense is to get guys thrown out on the basepaths with their best hitters coming up? And how could Bochy let Walker stay in the game in the 8th after giving up a HR to Duncan so he could then give up another HR to Ankiel?
So with the record now 4-8, projections are for a 54-108 season, which is still better than what the Tigers did in 2003 in going 43-119 -- the worst performance by an MLB team of recent vintage. The Giants' performance this year has to be one of the MLB's worst performances based on payroll dollars, which is currently at $77 million. There's always hope that the Giants can duplicate Detroit's feat and get back to respectability but not until Magowan sees the light and gets rid of these two clowns.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to give Brian Sabean a pair of concrete boots and toss him into McCovey Cove. How can the Giants keep paying this piece of shit to make the team worse and worse every year? I feel sorry for Barry Zito because Sabean gave this washed up pitcher a false sense of hope with this contract he could never live up to and ruined the giants chances of making it back to the world series in this decade. May Sabean rot in hell and McGowen rot there with him.

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