Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Go to hell, Gary Darling

One of the worst things that happens in MLB is when an umpire decides that he's bigger than the game and makes a garbage call, then won't back down. That's what happened tonight at Mays Field. Gary Darling called a timeout THEN called a balk, then did the weasel ump thing after the game and blamed it on Bengie Molina for trying to "cover up" a balk by Lincecum.

Simple question -- if Lincecum balked, then why did you call the timeout first, you weasel?

I hate stupid showboat umps. HATE THEM. Darling's name comes up as a bad one. Eric Gregg was the worst of the recent ones, along with Joe West, CB Buckner, Doug Eddings and that jerk who ran Barry Bonds in the middle of the 9th inning a year or two ago. All of these guys failed to realize that they are abusing their power to cover their incompetence. Reminds me of Dick Cheney, actually. Jon Miller, who goes to great lengths not to be a homer, said on the postgame show that it was a terrible call.

As for the game itself, Bochy and the base coaches should be ashamed of themselves over bad baserunning all night long. So we don't have any offense and we're reduced to proving that Brian can't hit MLB pitching. Can't we at least get these guys to play smarter?

Projected record -- 70-92


Blogger allfrank said...

It takes a while to learn this stuff, especially at the speed of the major leaguer game. I hope to hell the mgr or coaches are talking about this stuff all the time so that the learning takes place. It is noteworthy that Lewis has significantly improved his base running just this month. It looked to me like Velez' CS was ocassioned by his loosing footing as he tried to get back - ie a physical rather than mental mistake. Winn's mistake was mental, howevever. He was technically correct, the ball was hit behind him and, generally you proceed to third on that play. But in this instance, he was so near 2d base and so far from 3d base tyhat he shouldn't have just taken off.
I agree pretty frustrating, but I think it will take the team a while to learn and experience this stuff.

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