Thursday, April 03, 2008

Brian Sabean has one of these in his office

Fortunately, Bleacher Report dissects just how badly the Giants and Orioles are doing via their Opening Day shortstops and correctly identifies Sabean as one of the worst GMs in baseball. In an article entitled "Luis Hernandez, Brian Bocock and the Suicide of Two Organizations," Nathaniel Stoltz makes these points:
-- Bocock hit .220/.293/.328 last year in the Cal League. That's right, Giants' fans, your Opening Day shortstop put up a 621 OPS last year in the best hitter's league in baseball, good for the worst mark of any player in that league. Bocock shouldn't have even been invited to Spring Training, let alone make the team.
-- Speaking of Spring Training, Bocock hit a ridiculous .188, so it's not like he's turned around. Giants brass ignored this and simply raved about how he hadn't committed any errors. Yes Bocock, like Hernandez, is a good defender, but starting Bocock is just suicidal for everyone involved. He was 22 last year, so he, like Hernandez, wasn't even young for the level.
There's no reason for any organization to start Hernandez or Bocock, or even have them on the major league team right now.
-- Bocock became the starter when Omar Vizquel was hurt early in Spring Training, despite the fact that Kevin Frandsen could actually hit. When Frandsen ruptured his ACL and was out for the year, Bocock was left standing alone at short, even though he hasn't hit anywhere except Low-A and had a terrible spring at the plate.

-- Unlike the Orioles, the Giants actually have a serviceable shortstop not named Vizquel or Frandsen. His name is Ivan Ochoa, and I'd forgive you if your reaction is "Who in hell is that?"
Well, Ochoa is a plus-plus defender at short, and last year, at AAA Fresno, he hit .296/.337/.430—certainly pretty good. He turned 25 after the season ended, so he's no veteran. Yet, Ochoa barely appeared during Spring Training and was quickly reassigned to minor league camp. Not only is Ochoa miles ahead of Bocock, he may even be better than Vizquel. He's certainly cheaper.
-- Further damning to these decisions, Hernandez and Bocock are likely to fail in the majors and will slump and fall into bad habits at the plate, which will destroy any long-term potential they have. Not that it's considerable.
-- Thank God I'm an A's fan—Billy Beane would never let players like this into the majors. As long as Hernandez and Bocock start, the Orioles and Giants will needlessly suffer tremendous losses offensively. Vizquel can't get healthy quickly enough. Orioles and Giants fans can only hope these two slump so badly early that the organizations have no choice but to look elsewhere. Everyone would be better for it.


Blogger M.C. O'Connor said...

Nice work, Big D. I have to check out that site. Sabes just continues to amaze us, eh?

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