Monday, April 28, 2008

The breaks finally go Matt Cain's way

It's about damn time that Matt got a break. Somehow it seems appropriate that on the same day that Zito was demoted, Matt Cain gets a well-deserved victory. It sounded to me like the home plate ump Paul Emmel was missing a lot of pitches (the Giants got eight walks, which is probably their highest post-Bonds total, and drove in both their 5th inning runs with walks) and Cain walked five. He got bailed out in the fourth after the ump refused to call a third strike on Hawpe, who then walked, followed by a Tulowitzki walk. Then Jeff Baker smashed the ball but right at Durham on a line so Tulowitzki was out on a DP. Dave Fleming sounded as if Cain was having trouble with his command so he was already at 108 pitches when he got taken out with one out in the 6th.

Attendance was only 30,153. Projected record -- 72-90.

Dingbat update -- Gwen Knapp delivers another pointless column, saying we shouldn't worry about Zito's $126 million. Whatever you say, Gwen. Here the team's doomed to wasting $18 million a year for the next six years and you say we should forget about it. And as usual with the weasel mentality of many SF sports reporters, you also find yet another way to blame Barry Bonds and apologize for Sabean -- The upper-level brass gave Zito an extravagant contract to prove a point. They wanted to appease fans who felt that the club had sold out the future when it unnecessarily invested another wad of cash in Barry Bonds.


Blogger M.C. O'Connor said...

Sometimes I wonder if Ms. Knapp understands baseball at all. It certainly isn't a requirement to be a Comical Sports writer. The Zito mess is a real mess--we can't ignore it! But the flip side is Misch gets a shot. 2008 is all about youth for me--let's see all our youngsters, damnit. Let's find out what we've got. And let's rack up some more W's for Matt while we're at it.

7:15 AM  

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