Thursday, April 03, 2008

Barry Bonds in Green and Gold?

Scott Fender of Bleacher Report believes Oakland will make a deal for Barry this year. No reporting, just pretty decent analysis. Here are his main reasons --

1. Location, Location, Location- The Oakland A's signing Bonds would receive the smallest backlash from the fans because Oakland is always looking to one-up San Francisco in every sport. Barry would not have to move and adjust to a new area.
2. Moneyball- Billy Beane has always coveted Barry Bonds. In the book, Moneyball, Billy Beane called Barry the best pure hitter in the game today.... Bonds is the perfect player for a moneyball attitude. He draws plenty of walks (even when not walked intentionally), hits the ball hard, and runs conservatively.
3. Chris Denorfia, Ryan Sweeney, Emil Brown, Travis Buck, and Jack Cust-

4. Stick it to "The Man"- That man being everyone who says he cannot play anymore. Anyone who called him a cheater. The man is the media who often scorns him and he returns the favor. The man being Giants GM Brian Sabien. The man being Commissioner Bud Selig. The man can be anyone Bonds wants it to be.
5. To win- The Athletics do not look like the team to beat but over the past 7 to 8 years the Athletics still find a way to be competitive regardless of the rag tag roster.
6. Boost the Hall Of Fame resume- He is already a first ballot hall-of-famer but is still shy of 3,000 hits and 2,000 RBI's plus he could be the only member of the 800 club.


Blogger M.C. O'Connor said...

I think an AL team will sign Bonds, but not until after the ASB. I don't buy the Oakland argument, they have young talent and they likely won't be in contention. Yankees, Seattle, Detroit, strong teams that might need a final piece for the September push. I'd love to see it!

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