Friday, April 18, 2008

Bad to the bone

This is the kind of game -- an 11-1 trouncing by the Cards -- that leads to ESPN's Jim Baker writing articles like this about how the Giants offense is historically one of the worst ever. Projected 2008 record is now 57-105.

About the only good news is that the Dodgers also got buttkicked, 6-1 by the Braves.

The Cards hammered Matt Cain for nine runs in less than 4 innings as he pitched the worst game of his career tonight.
I decided to check out what the excellent Raising Matt Cain had to say about it. Here's part of M.C. O'Conner's insightful post --

The 2008 Giants are a bad trip, a drunken binge, a root canal, a dose of herpes and an IRS audit all rolled into one! Matt Cain gave up MORE RUNS TONIGHT THAN IN ANY OTHER PREVIOUS START OF HIS YOUNG CAREER!!!!! Now there is certainly no shame in giving up the big fly to a fella like Albert Pujols. But that was just the dessert, the pièce de résistance tonight. He pitched like shit. It's going to happen. M.C. is going to have nights like this. This is the big leagues, there are no mulligans, no "do-overs." You either got the goods or you get lit up. Tonight our boy had bupkis. And he paid the price. All that's left to say is "shake it off, pal, get 'em next time." Y'know sumthin'? He will.


Blogger M.C. O'Connor said...

I don't get much chance to SEE the Giants, mostly follow on radio, but I "was knockin' back a few" at my local pub last eve and saw all of Matt's performance. He really looked out of sorts, almost physically uncomfortable. There's not much to cheer about this year, as we all know, so it is doubly discouraging when one of our genuine bright spots has a rotten outing. Good thing the Linkster pitched well this morning!

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