Monday, March 31, 2008

Zito = Big Daddy

ESPN's stat of the day -- Barry Zito is the second pitcher since 1900 to lose four consecutive Opening Day starts. The only other is Rick Reuschel, who did it from 1978 to 1981, as part of a career that saw him get 214 wins, including some nice work at the end of his career for the Orange and Black.

Zito racked up 102 wins in seven years in Oakland. He now has 113 but I think it's very doubtful that he'll get to 200. He looked awful, partiuclarly on the down-the-middle fattie to Choker Kent. ESPN's commentators Eric Young and Buster Olney said something like there's a widespread belief in MLB that Zito's velocity on his fastball is gone. The SF Chron's Henry Schulman did a nice job of summing up this travesty of a game:

-- They are pegged to be a very bad last-place team, and Monday's game only served to accentuate those fears.

-- The offense, expected to be vacuous, managed five singles against Penny and three Los Angeles relievers.

-- The Giants had one decent offensive opportunity, when Ray Durham drew a one-out walk in the second and Rowand singled him to third. But Jose Castillo ended the inning with a double play.

-- Had the Giants converted Roberts' game-opening single into a run, perhaps the tone would have been different. But Bochy called for a hit-and-run, Penny threw a high fastball that Rich Aurilia could not possibly hit and Russell Martin nailed Roberts at second base.


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Dammit! At least Cain pitched well!!

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