Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This is what incompetence sounds like

Chris Haft at MLB.com interviews Brian Sabean about all the unknowns of the starting lineup -- Velez? Durham? Bocock? Castillo? Aurilia? Chulk? Vizquel? Threets? Ortmeier? -- and gets few answers. It would be a far more interesting story had he asked "Why do you have all these expensive veterans like Ray Durham, Rich Aurilia and Omar on the roster who keep breaking down?"

The Giants lost today to go 8-20, which translates to 47-117 over 162 games.

UPDATE -- John Shea of the Chronicle also tries to make sense of Sabean and notes that the front office may be willing to eat part of a veteran contract such as Durham's or Roberts. For some reason, however, Sabean loves the unproductiveness of Rich Aurilia and indicates he'll start at 1B or 3B.

And what kind of youth movement is that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that I am not looking forward to the season at all. We were weak before spring training. Vizquel/Kevin F and now Rowand going down. We will be a good Triple A team this year!

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The Duckman
Howie Mccormack
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