Thursday, February 21, 2008

Zito gives great quote

photo of the day from Giants Jottings -- Noah Lowry, the other Giants lefty starter, throws BP

It's nice to know that Barry Zito knows he sucked last year. But I'm getting damn tired of people blaming the other Barry for how badly the team played. Give me a goddam break. Here's what Zito told Barry Bloom of --

"It's a different clubhouse, a different team," he said. "Guys are encouraged, because they will have more say in the clubhouse now. You don't have a presence like a Barry Bonds. You're going to see some leadership roles forming that didn't exist last year. And I think that's good for the team."

I know it may seem presumptuous to speak for all Giants fans, but think I can safely say that most Giants fans don't really care who the leaders in the clubhouse are. If you want to show some real leadership, Barry, how about starting by not getting bombed this year as often as you did last year?


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