Saturday, February 02, 2008

Why Sabean should be fired, version 78

Just reading about Khalil Greene getting signed by the Padres for two years is enough to make me cringe about what a lousy job the Giants have done in terms of developing their own position players. Here's a guy who's 27, hits 27 HRS, 44 doubles and 97 RBIs in a pitchers park as part of a lineup that's not exactly a juggernaut. Yes, he doesn't get enough walks but that's some serious power from a non-power position. And he plays a decent shortstop. And at 27, it doesn't look like a complete fluke, given his past performance. At $11 million for two years when he's likely to be peaking, it looks like a very good deal for San Diego.

I do love watching Omar Vizquel play but where the hell is the Giants' Khalil? And why hasn't Sabean been fired?


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