Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where's Barry?

Photo of the day from Giants Jottings -- Dan Ortmeier at 1B
Hopefully, this guy will provide more offense than the last six or so guys who have played there -- J.T., Klesko, Niekro, Sweeney, Vizcaino, Hillenbrand, Aurilia, Feliz. It's been a constant embarrassment how little production the Giants have gotten out of first base for the past decade (except for the Big Cat) and yet another reason why Brian "Stupid" Sabean should be fired.
Meanwhile, Bonds' agent says he's still looking for a job. I've been wondering if that would include playing 1B? It's hard to imagine that some desperate team (Rays, KC, Texas, Twins?) won't give him a shot this year.


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