Monday, February 11, 2008

The return of Giants Jottings

photo by GF9

One of the joys of being a Giants fan during recent spring trainings has been the Giants Jottings blog, extensively written and photographed by an extremely knowledgeable guy who goes by GF9. I am delighted to report that GF9 is already in Scottsdale, two days ahead of the opening of camp on Wednesday. This guy really knows his stuff and posts a ton of pictures. But more than that, Giants Jottings hits the right tone for spring training, when past disappointments dwindle away and the upsides to guys like Nate Schieroltz and Fred Lewis seem limitless. Here's part of his post today --
I am going to try to provide as much "coverage" as I did last year. We have visitors due to stay with us for a little over half of the games in March, so I can't guarantee it. It depends on how things work out, how time consuming entertaining becomes and how drunk I get during the games in the days and restaurants/bars at night.....
The purpose of this blog is mostly to let Giants fans know what and how the team is doing. Not to mention that I will probably post more photos in one day than you will see in the press for the entirety of Spring Training. While I encourage you to comment on that day's activities and that day's player performance, I would appreciate it if this blog does not become yet another "the Giants suck" site. There are message boards and blogs galore devoted almost exclusively to bashing Brian Sabean, Peter Magowan and the 2005 through 2007 Giants teams. I would appreciate it if this blog did not go down that road. That doesn't mean you can't comment negatively about a specific player's spring performance…..….I know I will.


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