Saturday, February 16, 2008


Janie McCauley of the Associated Press has a very upbeat story about Aaron Rowand's attitude. I did like this part --

On Tuesday - a day before even pitchers and catchers were due to report to the desert - Rowand was out taking flyballs with Nate Schierholtz.
"As far as dedication and being a big-name guy, they can do whatever they want, show up whenever they want," Frandsen said. "He shows up early. That's his style. We were talking about our game-day preparation. I felt I was one of the first ones (to arrive) in recent years. He might trump me."

I can't recall another MLBer using the word "trump" recently except when discussing Donald Trump.

I also just realized -- what a coincidence that Bonds passed Aaron, got kicked off the Giants and the new guy to replace him is named .... Aaron. I didn't see the connection until now. Am I making too much of this?


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