Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Flat out embarrassing

The Baseball Analysts site, operated by Rich Lederer, has posted its analysis of the NL West and starts by asserting that Giants are going to be "more or less irrelevant.'' Here are the relevant passages --

Sully: At the risk of sounding hyperbolic or even snarky, I have to say that I cannot remember an offense that looked as inept as this Giants one does heading into a season. You guys are right; the pitching is there. But this offense is going to be atrocious.

Rich: Do the Giants have an offense? Sully, you covered this one about as well as possible in a
Giant Mess three weeks ago.

Russ: Is there any hope here? With
Barry Bonds gone, this team will need to find a new face for the offense. Rowand is hardly a world-beater, and he'll be hitting fifth behind Bengie Molina. That's not a situation any team should have. Rich Aurilia, Ray Durham, and Vizquel are still with the team; maybe Kevin Frandsen will successfully supplant Durham at second. The Giants could probably do worse than Dave Roberts and Randy Winn, but they also could do better.


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