Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Clubhouse chemistry?

The SF Chron's Henry Schulman has written a pre-camp article in which Tyler Walker and Barry Zito say they're expecting better "chemistry" than last year now that Bonds isn't in the clubhouse. Schulman even mentions that the Bosox had a better vibe in their clubhouse when he compared the two last summer.

As a fan, I think these kind of articles -- and I've read thousands of them -- miss the point, which is that teams that are lousy generally have worse "chemistry" than winning teams. And that winning teams sometimes don't get along -- such as the Oakland A's of the 1970s and the Bronx Zoo and any team that Jeff "Choker" Kent has played for. In the end, I don't really care if Aaron Rowand used to take 15 guys to dinner in Boston and Chicago. It's a big "So What?" for me.

Schulman makes the point that the Fresno Giants finally had a winning year, and they had better chemistry, too -- which shows, as much as anything, that Brian Sabean's an idiot for keeping guys on the farm when the MLB team was going 71-91.


Blogger PEFACommish said...

Based on the various federal agency and congressional investigations, I'd say it is most likely that the days of good chemistry in baseball are over.

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