Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I could live with this trade

Trevor at Giants Baseball Blog has a pretty decent suggestion about what to do if the Giants are determined to get Joe Crede, which is being rumored right now even though he's coming off back surgery. Rather than giving up Noah Lowry or Jonathan Sanchez, why not Dave Roberts? The Giants already have a pair of speedy outfielders (Rajai Davis and Fred Lewis) with a lot more upside than Roberts. Here's the pertinent part of the post --

Crede is going to be a free agent after the year, so the Giants should not need to part with too much in order to obtain him. The White Sox need a leadoff hitter and the Giants have a few guys who could do that ( Dave Roberts). If a Crede trade is made, the Giants shouldn't have to include any prominent pitching. If the White Sox are demanding an arm like Lowry, Sanchez or Corriea, I'd just as soon see the Giants sign Dallas McPherson or Morgan Ensberg who are both looking for a home 2 weeks prior to spring reporting dates.


Blogger PEFACommish said...

Why not Dave Roberts? Maybe the Chisox are aware that he's an overpaid player who won't help him that much, which is why you'd like to get rid of him.

I don't know what the White Sox want, and I guess there is a chance that they would satisfy the Giants' dream to get rid of Roberts, but we can't control what they want. Chances are pretty good they would prefer a young, talented player, of which we're in kind of short supply.

BTW, Ensberg signed a minor league contract this week with the Yankees. Gotta figure the Giants could have gotten him cheap if they had tried.

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