Saturday, December 01, 2007

The stupidest sportswriter in America

Bruce Jenkins has just taken away the title from the LA Times resident dingbat Bill Plaschke with this mind-numbing column in today's SF Chronicle -- praising the Angels for their idiotic Torii Hunter signing because he's a classy guy and getting on the Barry Bonds Hate Train for the umpteenth time by saying the Giants were hurt by having Bonds on the team last year.

Earth to Bruce -- maybe stupid sportswriters like YOU were hurt but the team would have lost even more than 91 games without Barry. Of the pathetic 683 runs the team scored last year, Bonds created 99 of them in part-time play. Of course, you don't care about things like stats. So here's what the Giants lineup is going to look like next year -- without any signings or trades -- and you're expecting the team will improve? --

CF Rajai Davis
LF Fred Lewis
RF Randy Winn
1B Nate Schierholtz
C Bengie Molina
2B Ray Durham
3B Kevin Frandsen
SS Omar Vizquel

In what universe does this team score more than the 2007 team?


Anonymous Frank said...

I agree with you on Bruce Jenkins. The article made me reaaly angry. But I don't agree with your purported line up. I think, baring trades, it is:
LF: Schierholtz
CF: DAvis/Lewis platoon
RF: Winn
1b: Ortmeier
2b: Frandsen
3b: TBA (but it will not be Frandsen)
SS: Omar
C: Benji

9:59 PM  

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