Thursday, December 13, 2007

Eat it, Dodger fans. Eat it raw.

It's now official. Two former Dodger heros -- the Fat Frenchie AKA Eric Gagne and Paul "I'm So Pumped" LoDuca -- were among the many MLB players dosing with human growth hormone and steroids. Additionally, Kevin Brown, who shook the Dodgers down for a massive $100 million contract, is on the list.

We can hope that this might bring to an end to the self-righteous idiotic bleating of Dodger apologists about how evil Barry Bonds is -- when it was obvious to all but the stupidest fans in baseball that Gagne was dosing.

However, Dodger fans are so stupid and so misinformed by the LA Times that they'll probably just keep on ignoring the truth.


Anonymous Paul said...

i am a giants fan, and it was so obvious to me, as well as everyone else that was a giants fan, that bonds was on steriods for a long time. his head was just huge. HOWEVER, it was just as obvious to me and everyone else that was a giants fan that everyone who played bonds also had HUGE heads. if you couldnt tell that people were juicing, you werent a giants fan because you were so happy that bonds was juicing. people's hate for bonds is so ridiculous.

2:36 PM  

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