Friday, November 30, 2007

Surrounded by stupidity

Sometimes it just feels like we, as a culture, are just getting stupider thanks to powerful people spreading ignorance. I'll let my friend Dan explain why --

This morning, ESPN's Colin Cowherd made the unfounded assertion that "Outside of Boston and St. Louis, fans are much more passionate about their pro football teams than they are about their MLB teams."

Colin has obviously never been to a game at Mays Field, Shea Stadium, or Yankee Stadium, just to name a few. The fans there are dead serious when it comes to baseball.

Cowherd is a prime example of what is wrong with sports talk radio: the announcers think they have to spout their unfounded assertions without any regard for the truth; they detract from any serious discussion of the issues, just as Fox "News" cheapens our political discourse.


Blogger Chris Metz said...

Hey man...Colin Cowherd is a complete chode. I agree...sorry my comment is about 2 years too late for your post, but I found it on a google search while looking to see if anybody else can't stand the 'herd Turd. Best of luck to you for 2009!

10:41 PM  

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