Monday, November 19, 2007

Mig returns to the Bay Area?

photo of Miguel Tejada at Camden Yards last May by hoodwinks

Matthew Pouliot of the Rotoworld site is predicting that the Giants will make a trade for the Orioles' Miguel Tejada, giving up Jonathan Sanchez, Brad Hennessey and Manny Burris. The Giants would have to take on his $13 million a year salary for the next two years. Here's his take --

With Tejada apparently willing to play third base for a contender, it looks like a good time for the Orioles to move on. The Cubs, Angels, Dodgers, White Sox, Giants, Blue Jays, Indians, Astros and Phillies all have fits on the left side of the infield and could conceivably afford Tejada's $13 million salary for each of the next two seasons. The Orioles should be looking for a young shortstop and pitching in return.

I'd say go for it. Tejada missed about a month last season and still had a decent season. He's going to be 32 and has shown that he can hit with power year in, year out -- 258 HRs in 11 seasons. He'd be huge upgrade on Pedro Feliz.

Pouliot also predicts that the Giants will move Noah Lowry and Brad Hennessey to Mariners for C Jeff Clement and OF Wladimir Balentien.

I should add that Pouliot also predicted that the Chisox would trade Jon Garland to the Dbacks; instead, he went to the Angels today for Orlando Cabrera. But he was right that Garland was going to get moved.


Blogger Michael said...

Brad Hennessey signed with the Giants today, extending his tenure with them for one more season, costing the Giants $1.6 million. I'm not so sure about signing Tejada. Especially now that he's under so much pressure from the government for steroids. We don't need any more of that in San Francisco.

3:09 PM  

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