Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Jerry Meals can go to hell

Who's that? You're probably wondering. Let me set you straight.

Jerry Meals is the lying sack of garbage umpire who decided to throw Brian Wilson out in the bottom of the 8th inning of tonight's stupid 6-5 loss to the stupid Rox at their stupid stadium after he had hit Yorvit Torrealba with a pitch. Wilson got thrown out EVEN THOUGH IT WAS A ONE-RUN GAME (Giants 5, Rockies 4) AT THE TIME WITH A MAN ON FIRST AND ONE OUT. I was listening to XM at the time and even the Rox announcers (I believe they are Jeff Kingery and Jack Corrigan) were astounded by Meals, who then proceeded to throw Bruce Bochy out, too, rather than admit that he might have gone too far in tossing Wilson.

At the time, two other Rockies and one other Giant (Feliz) had been HBPd but Kingery and Corrigan pointed out that it hadn't been anything like a beanball war and no warnings had been issued. Anyhow, Hennessey was no damn good when he came in and gave up a run in the 8th and another in the 9th. I admit that the Giants are playing so badly now that it's a surprise when they win but this is one game I'm going to blame on someone other than the stupid Rockies and their stupid owners or stupid Brian Sabean or Bruce Bochy, Benjie Molina, Rich Aurilia and Pedro Feliz (who went down quietly 1-2-3 in the top of ninth).

Instead, I'm going to blame the worthless Jerry Meals for deciding he had to hog the spotlight. If there's one thing I HATE, it's self-aggradizing umps like "Balkin" Bob Davidson, Angel Hernandez, CB Buckner, Eric Gregg and Bruce Froemming, who make themselves the center of attention.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jerry Meals Blows Call in 5th Inning Rays vs Rangers Game 2 ALDS

For more information about this, email Jerry Meals at:


2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jerry Meals is the worst umpire the league has ever seen!!!!!! Pirates and Braves are in the bottom of the 19th inning and he blows a call at home plate calling Julio Lugo out despite being tagged feet from the plate. Even Lugo was super surprised. He sucks so much. He should be kicked out of baseball for his inability to do his job. It was the easiest call all night and he blows it.

11:10 PM  

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