Sunday, June 17, 2007

Little-noticed story

Only Baseball Matters, which has done a nice re-design, points out that Barry Bonds attorney has told the feds that it's time to put up or shut up in the BALCO case.

Why do I say" little-noticed?" Let's take the SF Chronicle's attention to it, shall we? After searching the paper's Web site, the only mention is at the bottom an AP story about the fired US attorney deciding that he will get into the biz of drug policy consulting -- whatever that is. Since the comments by Rains are obviously exculpatory toward his client, Bonds, it's not at all surprising that the Chronicle would ignore this development especially after giving a front page story -- which had no news in it -- last week to their disgraced reporters.

It's worth noting that Bonds was quite gracious today toward former teammate Tim Wakefield after the game.
But since that doesn't feed into the "Barry's a pscyho" mindset of much of the sportsworld, that probably won't get widely noticed either.


Anonymous NEGiantsFan said...

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