Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Smiling through the pain

Thanks to sandor clegane (shot during photo day on Saturday) and mdoeff!
Have a look at this for a laugh. Best post of the night was at McCovey Chronicles where SloIsLonelyForTheOrange had this to say --
My hate for mando has just eclipsed my hate for any other live human being, including Hugh Jackman, Karl Rove and Carlos Mencia.
In Soviet Russia, save blows Benitez!
Final word -- The SF Chronicles Ray Ratto's story on Sunday about how Blownitez needs to be "perfect" for fans to accept him looks even lamer now than it was 48 hours ago. No, Ray, you're a boring hack who can't be bothered to ask any actual fans what they're thinking. Had you bothered to do so, you would have found that real fans understand and accept failings from players and no one expects perfection. I saw Robb Nen give up a crushing 2-run homer to Aramis Ramirez six years ago with 2 out in the 9th inning, which tied the game 7-7; no one booed Nen because it was always obvious that he was giving it his best shot. And that's not the case with Armando, who projects the air of a 6-year-old who'd just as soon playing Nintendo.


Blogger Dave said...

Thank you for the nice plug for Excuse Me Swing. I have been reading your stuff as well..You have a great blog.

3:37 PM  

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