Sunday, May 27, 2007

The new Larry Jaster?

That would be Aaron Cook, the otherwise undistinguished Rox pitcher who completely humiliated the Giants tonight, 6-1, in the first complete game by a Rockies pitcher in 2007. It's his second win over the Orange and Black this year.

What is it about the Giants? This team can beat Roy Oswalt twice in a week while get humbled twice in a few weeks by a nondescript guy with a 32-29 lifetime for one of the most mediocre teams within memory.

It sounded like the batters just couldn't lay off the sinker. In the 8th, Duane Kuiper and Dave Flemming were joking as Ryan Klesko came up that since he had grounded out to first, second and short, he would hit for the cycle if he hit it to Atkins at third. Then Klensko immediately grounded out to second.

OK, who the hell is Larry Jaster, you might wonder. Forty one years ago, he was a second year pitcher for the Cards who went 11-5, thanks largely to beating the Dodgers five times -- twice over Drysdale, twice over Osteen and once over Sutton. The Dodgers had just won two World Series in the past three seasons and would be in the Series again that fall, when they were stomped by Orioles in one of the most inept offensive performances of all time. Maybe Larry Jaster deserves some credit for showing what a fraud their offense had become.

At any rate, Jaster's career mark was 35-33 -- almost the same Aaron Cook.


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