Monday, April 09, 2007

The worst game of 2007

"Sometimes I feel, sometimes I feel, like I've been tied to the whipping post...." -- Gregg Allman

A brutal night in San Diego as Matt Cain and Jonathan Sanchez combine to two-hit the Padres yet still lose 1-0 in what was a very winnable game. It was painful to listen to the dingbat Padre shill Jerry Coleman announce the game on XM Radio. At a key point in the proceedings -- Bonds up, last of the 8th -- he managed to squeeze in two ads, one for a jeweler and the other for a paint store, so I missed all the details of Bonds striking out on 3 pitches. Perhaps it's just as well.

I always find it instructive to go over the Gameday thread at McCovey Chronicles. What emerges tonight, if you didn't watch or listen, is that there were two key moments -- Pedro Feliz failed to advance Benjie Molina from second with no outs in the 6th and then struck out to end the game with Molina again on second on a ball far out of the strike zone.

What's disturbing is that the Giants management deluded themselves into thinking that Pedro Feliz -- after six years in the league -- had actually managed to convert himself into an actual big league hitter over the winter. They also convinced themselves that Ray Durham is a No. 4 hitter and that guys deep in their careers like Durham, Vizquel, Aurilia and Roberts could suddenly duplicate their best seasons.

Perhaps these guys can remember how to hit again before the team is too far under .500 to contend. But what's really disgraceful is that the Giants could have won two of those games with any kind of effective offense. They have now scored a total of 14 runs in seven games while the Mets have scored 47 and the Marlins have scored 45. The only team with less runs is the Mariners with 12, but that's because they have only played 3 games after their double-header in Cleveland got snowed out today.


Blogger allfrank said...

I'm not sure Feliz should get the entirety of the blame. In both situations, Bochy should have brough in a LH pinch hitter - both Linden and Klesko were available. That being said, I do believe in productive outs. And, since Feliz doesn't reliably hit to the right side, I would start pinch hitting even RH hitters, ones who can make productive outs - unless and until Feliz shows that is part of his game.
I also think you have seriously overstated the case about Giants management deluding themselves. First, I think Durham is very capable as a clean up hitter. (He hasn't gotten much chance to show that as the 3 guys hitting ahead of him are all right around - or below - 200).
I think it is a misstatement to say Giants management expected Durham, Vizquel, Aurilia, and Roberts could "duplicate their best seasons." I think management expected (and still expect) these guys to hit 285+ - and had they, plus Winn and Bonds done that, the team would be somewhere around 500.
They have lost 6 of 7 because 5 of their starters, including Bonds, are hitting right about 200.
I actually think more blame goes to Bochy. He should be playing Klesko and Linden against RH starters, and getting some ABs for Frandsen

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