Friday, April 06, 2007

Why are we worshiping at the altar of the stolen base?

I would have to say that Bochy lost this game. Thanks to Bochy's insistence on trying to get Roberts and Durham to steal bases -- both easily thrown on -- plus Tim Flannery's insistence on sending Feliz home with no one out, the Giants ran themselves out of a very winnable game tonight against the Dodgers. Scoring one run on 12 hits is unacceptable, particularly when the pitching was good enough to hold the Dodgers to two runs.

Hopefully, they'll realize that this team is not the second coming of the 1985 Cardinals, a team which stole 314 bases, while getting caught only 96 times. It's not even last year's Padres, which stole 123 bases -- 49 by Roberts -- and got caught 31 times. In case you're wondering, the Giants stole 58 bases last year and got thrown out 25 times, which means they probably would have been better off not stealing at all.

I'm struggling for a metaphor so this is the best I can do -- It's like insisting that Meryl Streep, Judi Dench and Helen Mirren play the parts that are now going to Rachel McAdams, Isla Fisher, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba. To cheer up, I'm going to catch a late showing of "Blades of Glory."


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