Thursday, April 05, 2007

The snark starts

Evidently, I posted too soon about the SF Chronicle's extremely strange and hostile relationship with Barry Bonds having normalized. It turns out that the coverage is just as bizarre as ever -- Gwen Knapp has filed a classless, tasteless and clumsily written column that accuses Bonds of the crime of being calculating about his image at Wednesday night's game, when he participated in a tribute to a deceased Giants partner. She made a particuarly hack reference to "aggressive image-crafting"-- which is certainly a laugh, given how the paper continues to insist that its own reporters who help slimy attorneys subvert the justice system are actually heroes.

So it seems that a good deed by Bonds can't be a good deed, according to the Chronicle, because he's essentially evil. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the Chronicle would find fault with Bonds for trying to cheer up a grieving widow and use that conclusion as a springboard to assert that 1. fans don't like Barry much any more because 2. there were some boos for Bonds on opening day. Gee, Gwen, when I listen to the games on XM, I hear cheers when the Padres do something good. Did it ever enter your fevered brain that perhaps those booing might have been Padres fans?


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