Friday, April 06, 2007

The media's Bonds hatefest rolls on

Now that Bonds has hit HR No. 735, you can expect hacks like the LA Times John Glionna --who's a regular news writer based in SF, from what I can tell -- to deliver hatchet jobs on Bonds because they're easy to do and will get published, even though they don't say anything other than what's been said over and over before. To summarize: 1. Bonds is evil because 2. He won't fulfill every autograph request and 3. He's occasionally rude to reporters and 4. Fans outside SF hate him. and 5. He once tore up someone's baseball card and 6. He's under investigation over 4-year-old grand jury testimony and 7. he claimed that Mark Sweeney placed greenies in his locker -- a claim that Bonds and, more importantly, Sweeney have denied emphatically. But the LA Times would rather believe the NY Daily News' anonymous source and not mention the denials. Too much work, I guess, and after all, Dodger fans -- the stupidest in baseball -- will love reading it.

On the other hand, Barry Bloom of just posted an upbeat piece about how Bonds met with 4 fans who had won a contest prior to tonight's game and how pleased the fans were about the experience. But you can just imagine how hacks like the SF Chornicle's Gwen Knapp will spin that -- just another example of Bonds engaged in managing his image.


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