Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Matty Mo!

No question who's the most valuable Giant so far! Of course, he did pitch in the two games when the Giants scored 11 runs but all I can say is that it's about goddam time after his awful 2006. I'm not even bothered over the luck-out factor in the Giants getting 2 gift runs early. Oh, and one other thing -- DFA BENITEZ and FELIZ.

Listening on XM, I could tell that the dismal Padre announcers were legitimately excited over the strong chance that Blownitez was blowing another save in the 9th after giving up a long 2-run HR before getting the extremely annoying Khalil Greene to fly out. And after his dismal performance Monday night, Pedro Feliz didn't start. Lefty Malo pointed out that Mike Krukow had relayed this disturbing story on the air --

I heard my first post-game wrap of the year and Krukow said that Bochy pitched an extra round of batting practice before the game. Feliz came up, and Bochy shouted out, "Situational hitting, no outs, man on second!" Feliz was expected to adjust his swing to move the runner over, "but he didn't know how," said Krukow. So they showed him to use less body, throw the hands, and he finally got it. He didn't know how to adjust his swing. In batting practice. After saying all winter he was working on going to the opposite field.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

shooting him in the hand would be so much more satisfying...

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blownitez that is. Feliz should just be left somewhere to wither and die.

11:48 PM  

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