Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just plain stupid

The SF Chronicle's Henry Schulman writes a truly lame piece about how Dodger Stadium fans are sometimes loud, using Tim Flannery as his source in describing the four-HR ninth inning last Sept. 18.

My question -- how is this NEWS? As someone who's actually attended Dodger Stadium hundreds of times, here's what's actually going on -- fans are obsessed with banging beachballs, chanting "Barry Sucks" and aren't particuarly knowledgeable about baseball as a rule. As for loudness, since the parking situation is execrable, a lot of people who have tickets to attend don't. The no-show rate was over 20% last year, I believe. And a LOT of people leave early. By the time Benitez closed them down in the 9th last night, over 50% of the crowd was long gone. And as to the central thesis that the place is somehow really really loud compared to other places -- it's nonsense.

The fans do, however, sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" better than anyone else. And they sing it twice. But in any case, who among the Chronicle readers possibly cares?

Another example of how the Chronicle is written and edited by dingbats.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have season tickets in both Anaheim and the Latrine. I have also attended many games in Shea and Yankee Stadiums. By a wide margin, Dodger fans are the worst fans in baseball. At the other three ballparks, it seems as if fans are into the game on the field, instead of batting beach ball for their entertainment.

One last thing: If you get up during the game at Dodger Stadium to get food or drink, be prepared to miss a significant portion of the game. The service is painfully slow and slipshod. No such problems in Anaheim.

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